There are few things worse than realising your favourite specs are damaged or that your prescription needs to be updated. Thankfully, there’s a service that can help (and virtually every spectacle shop offers it).  Choosing to reglaze glasses simply refers to the process of replacing old lenses with new ones within an existing frame. There are many reasons why a person might choose to do this – here are a few.


Reasons to reglaze glasses:


Keep using your favourite frames

Do you have a trusty pair of specs you’ve had for years? Maybe they were a gift from a loved one, were really expensive or sourced from an exotic small town you visited once on a holiday. If you have some frames that are dear to you and their lenses are scratched, chipped or require a new prescription, you don’t have to shove them away in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again. The process to reglaze glasses is relatively quick and easy – you should have your specs back on your face within 7 days.

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Maintain your self-image

With the eyes being the window to the soul, spectacles are a fashion choice that have a big impact on your overall look and are one of the first things a person will notice when they look at you. The type of frames you wear may also say something about your personality; whether you’re creative, quirky, an intellectual, a minimalist, or a person who likes to get down-to-business. With specs playing such a large role in how you look and feel, it’s important that you stick to the look that suits and flatters you most. If you reglaze glasses it can help you maintain your sense of self.


Save money

Buying a new frame every time you require a new set of specs can be a costly expedition. With a quality pair costing anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars, a new pair can be quite a setback on your finances. Reusing the frame and replacing the lenses means that you’ll be saving money – and many online stores offer quite low prices. So do your wallet a favour and consider this service.


Reduce environmental waste

It’s no secret that making frames requires materials. With landfill piling up, the ocean drowning in plastic and animals choking on rubbish, it’s probably a useful idea to consider reducing your environmental footprint.


We know that the key to becoming more environmentally friendly is to reduce, reuse and recycle. You can do both when you reglaze glasses instead of throwing them away. While you’re still using materials to replace the lenses (this can’t be helped), you’re reducing the pressure on the environment by skipping the need for new frames.


Restore an old vintage pair

Retro is making a comeback. Eyewear trends in 2018 are all about the 50s and 60s cat-eye, the oversized-hipster and the round tortoiseshell look. Check to see if your grandparents have any old frames lying around that they no longer use and offer to revive them when you reglaze glasses. You might just end up being the coolest kid in town.

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Make sure you consider whether or not your frames are suitable for a lens replacement. Things such as quality and age may be important – but if you reglaze glasses it involves a degree of handling with the frames and this can sometimes involve heat. Most frames can usually handle this, but do check with your provider beforehand. Also, certain styles of frame may not be able to have the lenses replaced; this includes frames which are highly curved.