When it comes to buying socks online, many people will question it as you don’t know how they will fit or the quality until you have tried it on. But then again, how much time and effort do we really put into purchasing our socks online?

For 6 months of the year we are wearing socks that are often covered by our pants. This means that there are only 6 months of the year where people can properly see them. Now, I’m sure that many of you will say that you roll up your jeans or chinos so people can see them, but is the pattern something that can’t be seen when buying socks online?

We wear them every day so buying our socks online seems like a no brainer. Here are a few reasons why you should be buying your socks online and nowhere else.


The World Wide Web opens our options to virtually infinity. There are now so many different businesses that operate across the internet that it would be difficult to count them. You walk down the stress and see hundreds of shops and even more when you enter a shopping centre. But think about the number of businesses that operate solely on the internet.

When you realise that there are hundreds of thousands of businesses you realise that it would be silly to purchase them anywhere else. There are so many patterns, colours and designs when buying socks online that you are now able to find the ones that you really love.


This is likely a question or worry that may come up when purchasing your socks online, ‘How will I know they are good quality without having touched them?’ There are two ways to answer this question.

The first point is that they will always feel good when you first touch them in the store because they haven’t been worn or washed before and are still beautifully soft and fluffy but with wear this can disappear. The second point is that it is very easy to tell the quality of the product by the ratio of spandex or elastane to cotton.

Quality designs will be a cotton blend so that is the first thing to tick off. Secondly, those with a spandex or elastane ratio of above 15% are going to be high quality that will maintain their shape and stay tight on your foot.

Easy and efficient

We wear them every day and it is impossible to know when they are going to wear out as often they will be functioning perfectly one day and have a big hole in them the next. This is why buying your socks online is so perfect.

Instead of having to remember to go to the shop and purchase a new pair you can discover the holes immediately go onto the internet and purchase a new pair and within a few days they will be on your doorstep. This makes purchasing your socks online an extremely easy and efficient method.


Many companies now offer subscription services too making it even easier to purchase your socks online. You simply sign up to your desired subscription box and every month they will send you the latest designs for a set price keeping you up to date with all of the latest designs, patterns and colours without the hassle.

This means that you don’t need to waste time searching on the internet and won’t need to worry when your current pairs wear out. You will already have some fresh pairs waiting in your wardrobe for you.