Local smokers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the equipment they can utilize in the market.

Bongs of all shapes are sizes are on offer at various dispensaries up and down the country, but it is the selections of glass bongs in Australia that are proving to be exceptionally popular.

When compared to other counterparts in the form of ceramic, plastic, metal and even bamboo materials, these products offer a stronger hit and more durability for the consumer.

At the end of the day, that is what defines a quality hit and more bang for buck for the buyer, rather than an outlet that is easily dispensable.

Here we will look at the direct benefits that can be sourced by these brands.


See The Size of The Hit

Those customers who invest in glass bongs in Australia have the added advantage of having a transparent item where the size of the hit can be viewed in plain sight. With metal, ceramic, bamboo and metal items that have been crafted by local producers and those designers overseas around Asia, Europe, North and South America, it is almost impossible to know what exactly has been concocted, the profile of the substance and the overall size of the smoke hit that is about to be inhaled and exhaled. Those alternatives present some dangers for the consumer, so this transparency is about a quality experience with the substance and not having any scary surprises.


bongsEasy to Clean

The very type of the material that is utilized for glass bongs in Australia makes it an easily cleanable device to use for owners. Alcoholic wipes are widely considered to be the most effective item to kill off that unwanted residue and stains, allowing for a fresh consumption of the substance each time around. Compare this to woods which deteriorate at a rapid pace, plastics that have a limited lifespan and metals which are hard to clean even with the use of alcoholic wipes nearby.


Save On Money Long-Term

The major concession that has to be made with glass bongs in Australia is that the initial retail cost is higher than the alternatives. This is just a fact of the market. Yet there are a litany of reasons why this is the case as shoppers who purchase these items are investing in their long-term finances. Due to its superior durability and ease of cleaning for the user, there is a low turnover to keep the product in the hands of the buyer for longer. What could set a consumer back $50-$100 retail could actually save the user hundreds of dollars over the span of 5-10 years in reusables.



Glass bongs in Australia in some settings can be considered pieces of art. The aesthetic appeal might be secondary when thinking about the practicality of the goods, but it can certainly help when factoring in the perception of the item when guests arrive to the premises. Plastic and ceramic bongs do not illustrate a healthy image whereas there is a certain prestige to a glass product that can be crafted in a number of creative designs and patterns.


A Better Smoking Experience

With filtration that allows for a clean and concise smoking experience, glass bongs in Australia are simply superior to what can be sourced in the marketplace. Due to the variety in the sizes and designs, users can source a stronger hit and with the added advantage of a superior filtration system, there is no concession made on quality versus quantity. For domestic smokers who want it all, glass bongs in Australia make sense.