The legal profession is filled with experts who cater to a variety of case types and profiles in the city. From traffic violations to assaults, drug crimes or property offences, there are niche professionals who are experienced and skilled with a particular department of law, such as a criminal lawyer in Sydney.

When it comes to an apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney, there are features and specifications that are prevalent to their line of work that makes them uniquely placed to represent a certain form of client.

The term ‘apprehension’ revolves around the perception of something that might take place. It speaks to the fear of a crime or the intimidation with intent to do so in the future.

What will then be commonly issued is something known as an AVO – an acronym that translates to an apprehended violence order. Here is where an apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney will come into the breach and advise their client as to the right thing to do, both from a legal and moral standpoint.

Here we will outline what this representative will practice in further detail.


Domestic Cases

An apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney will work towards those that are deemed to be domestic cases. Known as an ADVO, this will be legislation drafted up by the court when there is reasonable grounds that a person within a domestic relationship fears for their safety or wellbeing. From intimidation to stalking or physical violence, there must be grounds for this legislation to be issued. The criminal lawyer will then guide their client as to the next steps once an ADVO has been handed down.


Personal Cases

The other category that is catered to by an apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney will be a personal violence order. Going by the acronym APVO, this follows similar guidelines and is utilised when one party fears from another without those two parties being in a domestic relationship. Once more, the lawyer in charge from either side of the desk will manage their client and guide them on their next course of action as their representative.


Police Involvement

An order will either be drafted following the involvement of a client and their apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney, or it will come direct from the police. Should they have sufficient cause, then the police can issue a statement and offer a representative in court on behalf of the protected person. The legal representative will then need to deal with those authorities and discuss certain terms and conditions on various appeals and hearings.


Advising The Recipient

The criminal lawyer in Sydney will be on call to consult with their client, and they will especially be needed if that client is on the receiving end of an AVO. There will be a couple of pathways and options that can be agreed upon, from straight out accepting the order, denying it or wanting to downgrade the sentencing and conditions placed on the paperwork. This is where the representative needs to make clear what are the likely consequences from these responses will be.


Communicating Breach Violations

The absolute maximum penalty that can be handed down for a party that breaches violations of an AVO will be a 2 year prison sentence and a fine of $5,500. A criminal specialist lawyer in Sydney will make that evident to their client as there will be a string of other penalties that are likely to be handed down depending on the nature of the breach. From a loss of license to contact restrictions and more, the defendant could see the loss of a number of rights and privileges should they fail to adhere to the AVO.



Clearly an apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney is warranted, no matter whether you are looking to issue one or are on the receiving end. This is where an apprehended violence specialist lawyer in Sydney can really be an investment to manage pathways and to ensure that you reach the ideal outcome through the legal system.