Shopping for jewels and gemstones is a lengthy procedure that requires doing your research, looking at different competitors, and assessing their products. This is especially the case when it comes to buying at crystal suppliers in Australia. You don’t just buy tiny rocks but so much more than that. There are an array of different choices to pick spanning from amethysts, jewellery, and other gemstone products. It is for this array of options, you can see why more and more people are shopping at crystal suppliers in Australia. These products cater to your needs providing an array of benefits depending on the type of rock bought. Today, we’re going to explore the different kinds of gemstones you can expect to find at crystal suppliers in Australia. Let’s dive in!

1# Amethyst

Amethyst is a highly recommended choice of crystal suppliers in Australia to use as it is incredibly strong and protective. This stone is particularly used for its healing properties, used as home decor or jewellery wear. This birthstone’s month is February and the sign is Pisces, also known for the type of stone used in the 6th year after marriage. This stone found in crystal suppliers in Australia is known for its purple appearance, which it is most favoured for. While it might seem like a normal stone, it was highly beloved in history, appealing as one of the refined jewels out there. Amethyst has Greek origins for the word ametusthos which signifies ‘not intoxicated’. Historically, Amethyst had been used to ward off overeating or intoxication. As a result, the Greeks had created drinking vessels and wore the jewel in order to prevent too much indulgence. In China, this stone located in crystal suppliers in is popularly used in Feng Shui as a way to ward off danger or negative energy.

2# Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz otherwise referred to as the love magnet, this gemstone found in crystal suppliers in Australia is perfect for new couples or for those who want to encourage more love into their everyday life. Its birth month is in April and its star sign is Taurus, as the sign is from Venus the planet of love. This jewel located in crystal suppliers in Australia is the best option for those who are looking for healing in their heart, encouraging further compassion and romance for yourself and those surrounding you. It was assumed that Cupid who was known as the god of love had given rose quartz as a gift to encourage romance to all. In Egypt, rose quartz was a beloved gemstone found in crystal suppliers in Australia that was used to create facial masks from it and even was placed inside their burial places. Rose Quartz was discovered in a variety of different places including Brazil, India, Madagascar, and the United States. The best quality stone is found in Madagascar, as it holds the highest vibration and has a deep hue in colour.

3# Opal

Opal is a popular stone you can find in crystal suppliers in Australia is referred to in Sanskrit as a jewel. Its birthstone is in October and its star sign is in Libra. There are two different types of opal as the common or the precious version. Opal is typically seen as a clear gemstone however it can come in an array of different colours such as blue, green, orange, and red. Crystal suppliers in Australia have the largest array of opals but it has also been discovered in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and the USA. There are two contradicting ideas because some people think it’s a sign of good luck while others believe it to be a sign of bad luck.  Opal is also referred to as the eyestone ring for its healing capabilities of aiding eye infections, kidney, and skin issues.