One does not always consider the variants and options available for wardrobe doors in a renovation context. After all, they’re not exactly the hottest of topics, but they do add a tremendous weight to the overall interior styling and design of a room. Whether you’re shopping for a new home, or renovating your interior, considering the various options you have for wardrobe doors would not go awry.

While the style of any given room will vary greatly, the practicality and utility of your choice of wardrobe doors will ultimately have a tremendous impact on the overall esthetic of the final result. There are also a number of pros and cons for each style of wardrobe doors and certain styles will only be applicable with some construction work being implemented, overall, there are some intriguing technological advances being made to them that may sway your decision one way or the other.

This article will go over the principal types of wardrobe doors and their various uses for a new interior space.


The classic reborn, sliding wardrobe doors have become something of a staple for many modern homes in lieu of the free-standing and hinged alternatives. With the array of colour and material options being available for the sliding variants, it is hard to look past them as a simple, elegant, and useful solution for an interior look.

The variants in sliding systems have also allowed an endless tirade of possibility for adjustments and unique implementations. In terms of space saving, you can’t go wrong as the intrusion of more traditional alternatives can impede a smaller interior space whereas a sliding set of wardrobe doors can easily be implemented without sacrificing spacing.


Wardrobe doors

The old reliable and dependable option for those who like a little bit of authentic old-school in their interiors. Hinged varieties are among the most popular choice around the world, not only for their unique aesthetic and varied options, but also with their ability to be locked and overall versatility.

The traditions are traditions for a reason, they’re a beloved addition to any home and can bring back some roots of tradition if implemented correctly – bear in mind that they can be quite bulky and cumbersome for smaller homes so always measure out twice and install them in areas where the full breadth of opening is possible.


The spatial saviour is without a doubt the mirror wardrobe doors. These add new layers and dimensions to the space with absolute ease and allow for some breathing room and visual flair that would otherwise be impossible in smaller spaces. The mirror look has always been a staple of modern homes and has become quite impressive in its ability to reflect light and enhance the size perception of any given space with no effort.

As the Australian home gets marginally smaller with each passing year, particularly in places near the capital cities, there is credence in looking at ways of brightening and expanding the spatial feel of a room in unique ways, particularly good for young couples and upstart families.

Wardrobe Doors & Tech Updates

While it may be a fair way in the future, the dawn of smart surfaces has us very excited about the potentials of tomorrow. Smart touch and wardrobe doors with screen implementation aren’t too science fiction-y when you think of all the ways our homes have been updated already.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what can potentially come from further innovation in interior design and wardrobe doors, especially if living spaces continue to remain a little closer knit.