Unless you were lucky enough to grow up with incredibly stylish fashion designer parents, there’s a good chance that there are photo’s saved away somewhere of you as a kid, at some family wedding, dressed in a frilly flower girl dress and squinting at the camera. There’s an even greater chance that there are old photos of you dressed in ill-fitting overalls or wearing striped t-shirts that were passed on second-hand or pulled from the bargain bin at your local store.

The truth is, that youngsters grow so quickly that their fashion has always been treated as disposable. The thinking right up until the noughties was rarely to buy investment pieces for a child’s wardrobe. Cheap and cheerful has always been key for kid’s fashion. Designer’s have been slow to  catch on to the unmined potential of mini-me fashion, until recently.

Since the 2010’s began there has been a massive up-swing in the growth of high-end clothing for the new generation. Fuelled by image-conscious millennial mothers and market demand for higher quality options for kids, there has never been as many options for kids clothing as there is now.

If you’re looking to buy your little one some quality clothing, special events are a great entry point. Luxury party dresses for children can be treasured forever, read on to find out why they’re a great purchase and what to look for when buying;


Better quality

The most obvious benefit to buying luxury party dresses for your children is that they are better quality. Unlike disposable, cheaply made clothing, high-end event wear for your kids is made with love.

There are some great high-end designer brands for kids that design and make only the best clothing. Designers that use high-quality fabrics, meticulous beading, difficult embroidery techniques can create the best quality luxury party dress for children, unlike anything you would buy in the store.

These items of clothing are built to last and can be cherished even as your little ones grow out of them or handed down through generations. Party dresses for your children especially are timeless, unlike ‘fast-fashion’ or streetwear trends.


Express themselves

Do you remember playing dress up as a kid? Maybe you wore your Mum’s wedding dress or dressed up in a Spiderman suit for a full week. Kid’s like to express themselves just as much as adults, in fact, it’s an important part of growing up and developing identity.

Kid’s like to model their parents, and parents might want the opportunity to find something that is uniquely for their youngster.

High-end fashion gives little ones the chance to be creative with their style, or have something of their own that they might hold onto and pass on too their children.

Strong memories ten to be tied to outfits, especially for special occasions. If you think back, you can probably remember your favourite outfit from your youth. Purchasing a luxury party dress for your child is a great way to create a cherished memory.


It’s less exploitative

Cheap fashion thrives on economies of scale. More is produced, in shorter time frames, with cheaper fabrics and sometimes dangerous pollutants and toxic chemicals. The drive to keep costs down often means the exploitation of cheap factory workers.

Purchasing from independent designers, or high-end specialists is less likely to involved the exploitation of vulnerable workers. Most luxury party dresses for children are produced in small quantities – there are often intricate details or hand-made elements included so sometimes they’re on-of-a-kind!

Unlike mass produced fashion, the demand is not so large as to warrant factories producing in the tens-of-thousands. Fabrics and beading are usually of the highest quality. If you’re unsure, ask the designer, they will usually be able to tell you if their pieces have come from ethical sources.


The price-tag makes you pause

There is no getting around the fact that purchasing luxury party dresses for your children will likely set you back more then a mass-produced outfit would, but this is a good thing. When things are cheap, people tend to impulse buy and overspend on things they don’t need.

The higher price involved in purchasing high quality clothing means that parents will pause to consider the purchase before making it. Rather than buying on a whim because there is a sale, buyers will ensure they make a conscious well-thought out choice to purchase. This means no buyers remorse and a piece that you and your kids truly want.

Owning something more valuable will also help to teach youngsters the value of money and the importance of taking care of our things, rather than treating everything as disposable.

Purchasing a luxury party dress for your children is an investment. Whilst the price may be higher, clothing can be an emotional buy and help to create lasting memories to cherish of special events.