The days of relying on flyers, posters, radio and television spots are not dead, but they are gradually declining in importance for brands. There is no shortage of ways to get recognised in 2018 as the free and easy access to the internet and smartphone devices has altered the usual methods of marketing.


From small startup enterprises to large global corporations, there are now some fundamental practices that every company can embrace when pushing their agenda in the digital sphere.


Here are the key techniques that fit this category.



Should you argue that your enterprise is an authority on a niche, from plumbing services to practicing law or providing IT support, then blogging is an ideal means to showcase your value to the market. Writing extensive pieces that gives the consumer a greater insight into your knowledge is a commodity that can be sold for a price or issued as an incentive for customers to rely on your services.

Business Directories


The majority of business directories are open, free portals where you can place your name among the many leading candidates for a given niche. They will be sorted according to type and profile, as well as physical location should you happen to possess one.

Multimedia Adverts Through Images and Video


In order to drive engagement and ensure that your bounce rate is as low as possible from an optimisation perspective, you need to include multimedia as part of your content strategy. This is an outlet that can arrive in a number of different forms, from image galleries to filtered pictures and videos from YouTube and Vimeo applications. They help to engage the user with multimedia content that is not static as it allows you to boost your brand awareness and showcase a strong degree of expertise and creativity.

Social Media


Social media is no longer seen as a Gen Y toy or an added luxury that can be tapped into sporadically. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn are free and easily accessible portals where millions of consumers absorb marketing content every minute of every day.

Google Adwords


Want the visibility to publish your brand’s message but don’t have a large consumer base already on hand to view the content? Well Google Adwords is an ideal platform where you can score clicks simply by investing revenue into targeted online advertisements. The only limit is the amount in which you want to invest as you can cater the spot to any form of demographic.