In 2018 the advice given to businesses is to think digital. Everything is geared towards the online experience where brands have to optimise their website and develop a social media profile that is the envy of their peers.


Whilst this is largely true for most niches in the world of commerce, there is an offline element based in the “real world” that is still as prevalent today as it was in decades past. Consumers still gravitate to messages and brands they can feel, see and listen to first hand.


So if you are tired about hearing the new ways to push your marketing agenda online, why not examine some of the key techniques that still prove successful?

Guesting Writing For Magazines and Newspapers


Magazines and newspapers still have currency and a subscription base depending on what publication it is and what community is purchasing. Should you lend your voice to a niche-specific magazine or a spot in a newspaper, you can provide brand awareness and illustrate your expertise all at the same time.

Sponsoring Local Enterprises


From local soccer clubs to disability programs and more, sponsoring anyone of these community-based endeavours tells the local consumer that you are invested in the region and the people that populate it. That recognition can be reciprocated in turn by customers who respect your organisation giving back to the community.

Direct Mail Campaigns


The mailbox is still a location that consumers check regularly and unlike email that can be largely ignored, a flyer or business card placed in mailboxes is still a terrific and direct means of marketing. Do not abuse this tactic to fall foul of spamming consumers, but the occasional mailbox drop is a great way to generate local cut-through.

Hosting and Co-Hosting Events


Whether it is an educational workshop that allows people to see first hand your knowledge and expertise to hosting a Q&A session, events are a great means of offering the public a tangible experience they can take away with them. The entire process does not have to be done all off your own accord of course, as local companies can join forces to co-host events held in local parks, schools, shopping centres, at gala days and fun run events or wherever large groups gather to form a community.

Product Giveaways


A good old fashion giveaway can really draw in people to appreciating and trying a product or service for themselves. It helps to drive excitement and interest in the brand where before people were closed off. It is a traditional means of garnering momentum, even though the giveaway is something of an investment.