Social media does not have to be this luxury extra that brands have to utilise for the sake of an obligation. It also does not require a team of Gen Y experts to execute properly with many of these apps providing an easy to use interface that anyone can take advantage of.


Should the task appear daunting on the surface, rest easy in the knowledge that a few key pointers can offer a shortcut to your social media problems. Here we will outline a series of techniques that will assist your efforts.

Fill Out Your Profile


Many small to medium enterprises will often leave their profile as an afterthought. It is best to ensure that your logo, URL link and description is up to date and includes the latest promotional message and call to action (CTA). The profile will be the first port of call for many visitors, so use this as a moment to cash in when they visit your page.

Post Regularly


One of the best shortcuts to understanding the minutiae involved with social media is to get posting as regularly as possible. Upload famous quotes, documents, news feeds, funny GIFs, videos – anything that can speak to the niche in question acts as content that can be of value to your brand. Social media is a means of opening up pathways to communicate with your consumer base. Embrace that opportunity.

Consistent Branding


A simple first step to shortcut your way to success is ensuring you have a consistent brand message for all of your accounts. From the URL to the domain name and the title of the posts, make sure that there is a definitive link that can be defined between all profiles. This includes your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

Be Visual At Every Opportunity


They say that a picture tells a thousand words. Should that be true, then uploading optimised images will save you writing that thousand words whilst engaging users with multimedia content that boosts your visibility. Branding in 2018 can be defined by many things, yet it is those enterprises who can translate a message through visible interpretations and expressions that really score a leg up on the competition.

Just Engage!


Social media can be seen as an alternative means of customer service. When followers leave comments, feedback, questions and ratings – engage with those people! Accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are open to the public, so there is no point attempting to avoid scrutiny. Answer their queries and publish your ability to find solutions and reward regulars.