Finding a Hunter Valley wedding photographer is the first step for an engaged couple.

It is the next phase during the all important initial consultation where judgments need to be made.

This is a region of Australia rich with cultural tapestry and natural beauty, offering various photogenic opportunities that are suited to traditional and same sex weddings of all profiles.

From modern events to culturally specific ceremonies, this is a location that is custom made for locals and destination travelers hoping to tie the knot in a luxurious corner of the world.

When sitting down with a professional or company, it is worthwhile quizzing them about their history, their process and what the expectations should be as a client.


What Is Your Photographic Style?

The style and design of the images should be a first port of all when questioning a Hunter Valley wedding photographer. Is it traditional, rustic, modern, what lens do they use, how are they framed, is there a variety of filters, are they equally applicable from the portrait to digital copies? The only way to really gauge the style is to run the eye through their back catalogue to understand what the artistic tone of the project will be.


How Much Do You Charge?

The billing and quoting that is issued by a Hunter Valley wedding photographer will vary from outlet to outlet. A client should be up to speed on what the terms and conditions will be, from an hourly rate or fixed fee to the production costs and more. Needless to say that an event like a wedding that has to incorporate venue hire, catering fees, accommodation and dress can only dedicate so much to photography. Having an agreement of these terms in writing in a legally binding document is essential, ensuring there are no hidden fees and that the terms are entirely transparent.


Are You Hands On During The Event?

It will vary from client to client as to their irritation or openness to a Hunter Valley wedding photographer being hands on during the event. If their essential goal is to achieve the best possible results despite being maneuvered continuously, then that should be discussed with the professional. If the goal is simply to enjoy the day without being hassled and repositioned, then that should be communicated as well.


What Experience Do You Have In The Industry?

A Hunter Valley wedding photographer should be put on the spot regarding their experience in this region and with other ceremonies of this description. Photography is a vast profession where a freelancer can alter between news to individual projects and specialist events of this nature, so it is valuable to gauge their experiences that are applicable to this project.

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What Do You Need From Us Before, During and After?

Communication is a two-way street and whilst the customer has every right to make demands of their own Hunter Valley wedding photographer, they will also need to be briefed on important information to achieve the best possible results. The dynamic should be switched to see what they need from the couple, from location details to dress colours, date and time and number of guests among other information. The more they know beforehand, the less the chance there will be stumbles and surprises.



Opening a dialogue with a Hunter Valley wedding photographer is the most important step, as any move to sign off on an agreement without consultation is strongly advised against. Quiz them about their methods, their understanding of the venue, how they will interact with the guests and what will ultimately be produced. Nothing should be off the table in these talks because these items will be family assets for generations to come.