You’re looking for a stylish piece of furniture to finish the cosy living space you’re going to inhabit for the next few years. Perhaps you just moved out into an apartment, granny flat or studio flat, and you want to make this space as homely and special as possible.


A leather sofa in you apartment space will be the cherry on top.


What is a loveseat?

In simple terms, it is a mini-sofa, long enough to only seat two people. A leather sofa can be either the popular two upholstered seats on a couch, or in an S-shape so that two people can converse whilst looking at each other. The idea behind this unique design is to be in intimate proximity, whilst retaining a modest barrier between the couple.


Traditionally, according to a design director, leather sofa loveseats measure about 60 inches long, rather than the traditional 84 inch length of an average sofa.



Its history can be traced back to the late 1600s, when women needed to sit down and smooth out their cumbersome poofy dresses. The copious fabrics and hoops made sitting difficult for women, so the double seat gives them the necessary extra space.


During the 19th century, courting couples began to popularize the seating arrangement. The design of the S-shape, termed the tete-a-tete, particularly suited for talking but not touching, was particularly preferred in the conservative Victorian societies.


Today, these couches are considered widely popular for small living spaces, bedrooms or to complement larger sofas. In a cramped urban environment, a loveseat space could be ideal. Although the S-shaped couch has dwindled in popularity, it should not be disregarded as an outdated piece of furniture, as it adds a vintage and quaint character to your living space.


Why it’s perfect for your space

Your place is surely famous for its unique culture. Its streets are adorned with fresh, radical and aesthetic graffiti art, next to quaint cafes selling the next Instagram famous beverage or culinary dish. It is a city fusing the past, present and revolutionary future in one fusion of urban culture. Here, there is a palette to suit every personal taste – so your interior design preferences will be answered to.


Loveseat couch 

Most definitely the more popular option, a loveseat apartment will be a snug addition. It gained popularity in the 1970s, when people bought a living room suite and preferred love seats to match their sofa.


Nowadays, although some people are leaning towards a cohesive room design without matching fabrics of furniture, the couch is perfect for furnishing a smaller space. Its functionality is the same as a couch, but also fills up the odd spaces in your place with a cosy touch. They will be especially appropriate for a home with a reading nook, or a medium-sized bay window.


S-shaped loveseat

Its distinctive aesthetic will create a charming space of intimacy and allure in your living area. Especially in space, where uniqueness is praised and encouraged, its old-fashioned appeal will be an interesting conversation piece.


Additionally, it is actually more conducive to conversation than the traditional couch, where two people are prompted to face the same direction unless they make effort to turn their bodies against the natural orientation of the couch. Many can agree that couches can make quite awkward places for extensive conversations, and are more designed for television watching. Conversations should be had whilst facing each other – which is why the S-shaped design is in fact, more practical if that is your primary objective.


No matter your aesthetic preference, loveseats will add a charming touch to your humble abode. Who doesn’t love a space to get cosy in?