Parties are hallmark events for celebrating your birthday, promotion, anniversary or any important milestone in your life. They are a time of joy and laughter, where your closest friends and family come together with food, drinks and music to make treasured memories.

However, with these high expectations, planning an event can be extremely stressful. There are a myriad of party supplies you need to prepare in Sydney in order to make the day just right. A theme party can be especially hard – Hawaiian party supplies, for example, need to all be bright and fun. Here is a list of party supplies in Sydney that you need to tick off before the day arrives.

  1. Invitations

An essential starter of party supplies in Sydney is the list of invitations to send out. Not only are invitations important to alert your friends and family at least one week in advance of your next event, they are also a way for you to keep track of your function’s numbers so that you can order the appropriate amount of catering and other party supplies in Sydney. In your invitation, you must note an RSVP date for them to respond by, preferably a few days before the event, so that you have time to prepare.

You can either send out invitations online, via social media such as Facebook or Whatsapp, or the old fashioned way of real life. Although it is faster to do it online, there is something special and quaint about receiving an event invitation via mail. Some stores which sell party supplies in Sydney stock up on pre-formatted invitations for you to fill in. Plus, you can also keep physical invitations as a memento of the occasion – so make sure you decorate it nicely!

  1. Party ware

This includes the disposable materials such as lunch/dinner napkins, dinner plates, cups, cutlery and tablecloths. Such party supplies in Sydney can all be disposed of after and save you a load of washing up! (And cracked cutlery from your own storage), but make sure you have at least one set per guest. There are plenty of stores which offer party supplies in Sydney which can sort this out for you.

Besides these disposable wares, you also need chairs, tables, ice buckets and serving bowls if you are having your celebration in a house. It is always better to have a surplus of chairs than less, as people standing around can be quite uncomfortable.

  1. Decorations

The most fun yet time-consuming element of the event planning is the decorations, which set the festive atmosphere. First, you should decide if your event will have a theme, or a colour scheme. This depends on the occasion – for example, you will most likely see pink themed décor at a girl’s 5th birthday function, but you are unlikely to see such at a promotion event. Consider what mood you would like to create, and decide accordingly.

In accordance with your theme or colour scheme, your list of decorations should include, but not be limited to: balloons, banners, centerpieces, confetti, streamers and wall decorations. Some parties also have piñatas, mini-games such as beer pong, or photo booths, which are all available for purchase or hire in party supply stores in Sydney. For children’s parties, also consider bubbles, dress-ups and inflatables (for pools) for excitement.

If your event is in a house, it is also a good idea to buy a yard sign so that people who are coming to your house for the first time can recognise the venue easily. It saves a lot of guesswork.

  1. Food and Drinks

Undoubtedly an essential part of a celebration is the food. Depending on the size and demographic of people you are hosting, catering may be a good idea for a crowd larger than 20. Many large stores offering party supplies in Sydney will direct you to reliable catering services. If you don’t want to cook but think catering is too expensive, then pizza is always a safe bet.

If it is a birthday function, then a cake is one of the must-have party supplies in Sydney. Although bakeries and sweet shops offer stunning and well-made cakes, it is always more special to have a home baked cake that you can decorate to make it more personal. Don’t forget the candles and the birthday wish.

One important thing to note – always know your guests’ dietary requirements. These include allergies, vegetarian, gluten free or vegan requests, so that every guest can enjoy themselves.

This list of party supplies in Sydney merely covers the basics of event planning. It is easy to get a list of party supplies in Sydney from any reputable retail function store, which will ease the organization of the big day. Whatever happens, make sure that the environment is conducive to noise (alert the neighbours if it is in a house), and remove any hazards before the event. A decent playlist is also crucial to set the mood – there are plenty of upbeat playlists on Spotify.

One more thing, and the most important of all – don’t forget to have a good time.