For those who may be working their first job in Australia, whether it be because they are young or because they have just moved from overseas, they may be wondering how they are able to obtain a medical certificate for work. Others will simply have never experienced a sick day in their life and will not know how to go about obtaining one. One of the first best things to do is for people to chat with their employers. Each company may have different regulations and may need different documentation. For example, in some places people are able to have a few days off a year without the presence of a medical certificate for work. However, if someone is unwell for more than these days, they will then need to obtain documentation. What some may not know is that people may be able to take days off work when they have to be a carer for their child or partner as well. This can be very handy for families, especially when a family member has to recover from an operation or dentist appointment. It is important to note that sick days are not the same as paternity or maternity leave, as this kind of leave is usually personalized to the business at hand.


Visit your local GP

When someone is unwell the first thing they will need to do is call their company and let them know that they won’t be in for that day. If there have already had several other days off that year, they will likely need to obtain a medical certificate for work. The only person that is able to create this documentation is a qualified GP. People should immediately book in with their local GP as soon as they can so that they are able to organize a medical certificate for work. There may be a problem where there are no available sessions available and when this does occur, people are able to explain that all that they need is documentation for their work. A doctor will usually look over the patient quickly and will prescribe medication if need be and will then give recommendation to how many days off the person at hand may need. They will then provide documentation that will detail this and that will also contain letterhead from that doctor’s office and will have an official stamp or signature.


What to do when your local GP is completely booked out

When someone’s regular doctor is completely booked out, there are a few things that can be done. People are able to explain this to their employer who may recommend that they go and get a stat-dec when they are well again instead. Another option is to organize a practitioner to visit the home. There are many professionals out there who will now work for on-call companies which will offer at-home doctor’s appointments. These services are always in demand and there is usually a long wait, however, if someone is at home sick anyway then they are simply able to sleep or rest in bed until the professional arrives. As this is such a popular service, it is always best to see if someone can make an in-office appointment first, especially as it is always better to receive care from someone that is regularly seen. Having said this, as it is also important to keep an employer happy, it can be a great back up option to implement a doctors on demand service. As it can be seen, the only way to obtain a medical certificate for work is by visiting a medical professional.