Glass bongs have a level of elegance and prestige that makes the tobacco experience all the better. 

Consumers know they are onto a winner when they find a brand that looks the part and handles regular use each week. 

The issue for shoppers is identifying a unit that ticks all of the boxes and doesn’t leave them underwhelmed. 

Time to see how smokers find quality glass bongs that are right for them. 

Recognise Appropriate Glass Thickness 

When it comes to the domain of glass bongs, not every brand will offer the type of strength and longevity that makes for a sound investment. While they are considered more of a fragile material than the likes of metal, ceramic and even some plastic alternatives, the glass thickness level will indicate how durable it should be in this context. There will be suppliers who showcase these goods with everything from 3mm in thickness to 12mm. The ideal setting in this space is around 5mm to 6mm, but it is beneficial to survey stores to see where they set their mark. 

Identify Suitable Cylinder Size 

Tobacco enthusiasts will be able to pinpoint quality glass bongs once they establish the kind of size they are working with. Newcomers and amateur smokers are advised to opt for smaller units to ensure that they accustom their lungs to shorter hits, while more experienced consumers are encouraged to opt for larger designs to generate that bigger hit. Once constituents recognise where they sit on the size spectrum, they will be able to make a purchase with confidence. 

Working Within Consumer Budget 

Purchasing glass designs of this profile could be a cheap exercise if smokers want something quick and easy while others will be happy to pay a premium for a superior utility. The decision will be entirely subjective on this front as local members will need to reflect on how much they are willing to spend and what could be a minimum price to gauge quality assurance level. By scanning websites and contacting local suppliers, it will be easy to get a gauge on expected investment level. 

Picking Out Quality Aesthetic Style & Presentation 

From the percolators to the beakers, the multi-chamber designs, the water pipes and a wide array of other styles and interpretations, there will be something for everyone when it comes to aesthetic tastes regarding glass bongs. Some of these goods were inspired by other cultures and innovators while there will be new offerings that enter the market. This does not have to be a purely practical exercise for domestic shoppers if they find something that looks the part as well as performing its key duty. 

Having a Tangible Look & Feel 

Person smoking in a glass bong

Online customers might have a tough task as they scan for glass bongs via the web, but it is beneficial if there is scope to do so to have a tangible look and feel for the item. This is a way to gauge thickness level, to see how it stands up to scrutiny and if the shape and weight will be amenable to tobacco smoking sessions. Most stores will have strict policies about what can be touched and what cannot, but it is worthwhile having a point of reference when examining the options in detail. 

Assessing Ratings & Community Feedback 

The comments and feedback from other shoppers surrounding glass bongs does not have to dictate what clients decide to purchase, but it can act as a helpful guide. Every brand hopes to impress when it comes to the style and the substance, yet it will be community members who outline to their peers what they are happy to buy and what falls short of expectations. A simple check across shared economy apps, social media feeds and search engines will be revealing in this space while conversations with personal referrals assists with the decision-making process.