Some of the best paella Sydney restaurants are known for its delicious Spanish taste that lingers in your mouth but numerous individuals don’t know just how beneficial the cultural Spanish dish is to your well-being. This dish offers a wide range of health benefits associated with consuming this cultural food.

This article looks to give an insight to those who are unaware of the health benefits that this dish has to offer.



This cultural Spanish dish uses yellow saffron rice while being accompanied with a combination of seafood, herbs, pork, chicken and spices.

If you are a person that is trying your hardest to reduce your fatty acids then this valencian dish is definitely for you.

Carbohydrates or also known as rice, act as fuel for the body.

There are a variety of health benefits that rice gives to your body. The rice used in this dish is high in minerals such as calcium and iron as well as being rich in vitamins.

These carbohydrates offer a significantly low amount of saturated fats and cholesterol which is good for regulating your blood and in return benefits your heart.


Healthy fats


One main ingredient that some of the best paella in Sydney integrate into their dish is olive oil. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. This has been known to counter many diseases such as cardio vascular disease, high blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia.

Olive oil is being used in helping skin problems and other medical issues due to its significant amount of health benefits.



The seafood that is found in the dish contains ingredients that are highly rich in omega 3 acids which is good for balancing your cholesterol levels. These nutrients found in the best paella in Sydney are beneficial in helping your eye sight, helps counter depression as well as significantly lowering your chance of getting cancer.

For some of you that are into body building, eating this cultural dish has its benefits for gaining weight as the dish can also be associated with chicken, beans, beef, eggs and more.

These are some of the foods that body builders eat when they are trying to bulk and get bigger. All of these ingredients are associated with the best paella in Sydney.

Helps with caloric maintenance and helps with metabolism

Just like any other foods, this dish for its high protein and carbohydrates should be limited and not consumed all at once if you’re trying to maintain a strict healthy diet.

However, this dish is rich in fibres because of the use of vegetables and rice. Many foods that are high in fibre have been proven to reduce the risk of getting ill.

Healthy fibres offer much more health benefits such as normalising bowel movements; controls blood sugar levels but ultimately helps you live longer in general.

If you’re a body builder, you will understand the after pain of a good day in the gym. The fibres found in this dish help aid those pains and helps you to recover faster so you can get back to pumping those irons in no time.

Many people think that some of the best paella in Sydney is just known for the delicious taste that it brings to the table but after reading this article, I hope to have showed you that this cultural dish has health benefits that you would have never imagined.

By now you should consider adding some of the best paella in Sydney into your healthy diet so that you can reduce any risks of sickness and live a longer healthier life.