A softphone is a software program which allows you to make calls over the internet using a general purpose device such as a computer instead of dedicated hardware such as a telephone.

Softphones are also cost-effective and have additional capabilities such as video calling, so it’s no surprise that more companies are adopting this communication method.

But as more and more companies make the move to a softphone system, traditional tells for being in a phone call are lost. At the same time, more offices are converting into an open concept work space which means there are more people in the same space.

These changes leave a gap in workplace communication, as distractions or misunderstandings can easily occur without the traditional signals of a telephone handset. The solution to such inconveniences in the workplace can be found in the wireless busy light.

Wireless busy lights allow users to broadcast their status by emitting a coloured signal when they are occupied with a call. Having a wireless busy light can be immensely beneficial – here are five reasons to introduce them to your workplace!

Clear visual signal

A wireless busy light will always display a clear colour signal depending on your status. This makes it easy for employees to tell whether their colleagues are occupied on the phone.

Having a clear visual signal allows you to see whether someone you want to talk to is free by simply glancing at their desk. With this clearly coloured signal, there’s no more need for charades on the phone – the signal for ‘do not disturb’ is clear.

Improves workplace productivity

Having clear signals throughout the office makes it easy for employees to determine when they can approach their colleagues to discuss something work-related. It also reminds employees to be considerate of their volume because they can see that a call is in progress.

This improves workplace productivity, as employees can organise themselves according to the status of the wireless busy light.

Easy to integrate

The wireless busy light is extremely simple to integrate into the office. It is compatible with most softphone programs and supports any general device.

The set-up for a wireless busy light is easy, and once it is introduced into the office it is easy to understand. It is a simple but reliable gadget which everyone in the office can get used to easily and quickly.

Reliable ringer

As companies move to a softphone system, the lack of the traditional handset can make it difficult to have a reliable ring indicator. This is especially true if your PC has no speaker or is muted. If you leave your headset on your desk, it can be easy to miss calls unintentionally.

Having a wireless busy light ensures that you won’t be missing out on any calls – the built-in speaker provides a clear ringer and a flashing visual indicator will be emitted so that you know to put your headset back on.

This can also lead to an improvement in productivity, as you can avoid having to chase up missed calls. It will also help in presenting a professional image to your clients.

Easy to attach

A wireless busy light provides a clear signal with its clear visual signal, and the device itself is small and easily maneuverable. It can be easily mounted on monitor or cubicles using adhesive tape.

This makes it easy for you to place it in an efficient position without any specialised equipment. Having such a mobile, simple device is great as it is easy to introduce to employees and helps workplace productivity.

The wireless busy light is a great addition to a softphone system as it prevents miscommunications and distractions in the workplace. Having a visual indicator of your call status supports the transition to a software system.