There will be many times in life where it is better to call upon an expert to get the job done properly than to improvise and try and solve a problem off your own accord. It might hurt your pride and the hip pocket a little bit, yet it will be an investment that satisfies your peace of mind when it comes to the logistical, safety and legal implications of venturing off solo on a risky project.


This occurs when residents and commercial tenants attempt to cut back on trees and vegetation in their local area. What is required in these moments are trained horticulturalists and landscapers who are equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise to find an ideal solution for all parties.


For those based in the capital city of NSW, they will encounter an arborist report in Sydney. This will see a team of experts analyse the merits of removing, fixing or conditioning the trees depending on their profile and surrounding environment.


Here we will take stock of what you should do if seeking an arborist report in Sydney.

Seek Correct Classifications


The reality when seeking out an arborist report in Sydney is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this field of study. There are various forms of assessment that come into play, from the preliminary phase to arboricultural impact and tree risk. Then there are reports on landscape maintenance and management, root mapping and tree valuation. The team of experts on the scene will need to adjudicate what type of action is required after assessing the condition and public risk involved.

Deal With Local Council Bodies


The local council you are situated in will be a major factor when deducing the merits of an arborist report in Sydney. From Chatswood in the North to Botany in the South, Penrith in the West and Coogee in the East, each government body will have their own stipulations and interpretations as to what is applicable to their representatives. Some of these regions will have a high degree of native vegetation and wildlife that requires a different approach, whereas other densely populated and urbanised environments take a more stringent stance.

Proceed With Caution


If there is a tree lying across a suburban road that is impeding traffic, then you will be within your rights to turn it, push it away from traffic and call up a service provider. Yet sourcing an arborist report in Sydney will be needed if there is doubt around the legitimacy of the action needed to be taken because the wrong move could land you in hot water, legally speaking. Those trees that are heritage listed are protected from any involvement from the public and with anything to do with trees that are not on your own property at home, it is best to proceed with caution and call someone up before taking action.

Understand The Costs


Sourcing an arborist report in Sydney could be expensive should you wish to demolish a clutter of trees in a surrounding area. From a $75-$125 fee for a group of one to five items, that is expanded upon by $20-$25 per each item that ventures beyond the five that you have identified. Add to this a potential $35 archiving fee and it is any wonder why citizens carefully consider what action they take when thinking about the financial implications.


Needless to say that an arborist report in Sydney might have to be necessary depending upon the exposure of the tree, but this is not a free initiative that the council pays for under all conditions. The context will matter and is taken into account when an assessment is run.



Consider all of these elements when the topic of an arborist report in Sydney emerges. There will be council stipulations, costs and guidelines that make this a sensitive subject. The best practice in these scenarios is to open a dialogue and call a provider to outline whether or not an arborist report in Sydney is required.