For those out there who may not know, there is something out there known as a disability driving assessment. This is usually conducted when someone has experienced an injury, illness, or impairment and have had to spend a little bit of time away from the road. In some circumstances, this may have been court ordered.

Whatever the case may be, it is important that people ensure that they are safe to operate a motor vehicle. This helps keep the roads safe and can allow people to drive more confidently. Even though people can sometimes equate operating a vehicle to independence, it is still important to do what is right.

As this is so important, it can be helpful for people out there to know the different circumstances that can arise which may require them to partake in a disability driving assessment. This will help them understand what is expected of them so that they can do right by the law, by other drivers, as well as themselves. While it may be a sore point for many people, it is still important that they educate themselves on the topic.


You may need to partake in a disability driving assessment if your doctor recommends it

One circumstance that can arise is when a medical professional suspects that someone may not be capable of operating a motor vehicle anymore. A patient may have suffered from a recent injury or illness which renders them incapable of some of the tasks that they used to participate in. In some cases, someone may simply be getting older and may be showing signs that it is time to hand in their licence.

It is important to know that a doctor is never trying to cruel when they recommend this, they simply have their patient’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, they may not intend for someone to be off the roads permanently but perhaps for a certain period of time while they recover from whatever ailment they are experiencing. When a GP does refer someone to this, they will then need to make an appointment at a centre that will be able to conduct a disability driving assessment.

It is always best to chat with the centre beforehand as each unique circumstance will have different requirements. For instance, some referrals will be covered so that the service is free of charge. Others will incur a charge and so it is best to find this out first.


People can partake in a disability driving assessment when they are wanting to have their licence returned

When most people think of this kind of service, they think about having their licence taken away. What they may not realize is that they are able to partake in a disability driving assessment when they are looking to have their licence returned. Some may have found themselves in a scenario where they were court ordered to remove themselves from behind the wheel until they were able to prove that they were capable once more.

It is also important to note that people may not necessarily have to operate a vehicle the same way that they did before. They may be able to implement some kind of assistance such as a special seat or steering wheel. Whatever the case may be, there are options out there for those who need a little bit of assistance.

This is because professionals want as many people to hold on to their independence for as long as they can. This type of service isn’t simply about stripping people of their licence unfairly. If anyone is ever unsure of what type of appointment they need to book in, they can simply call a centre and chat with one of their friendly team members.


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Companies that offer disability driving assessments usually offer refresher courses too

For those who are in the circumstance where they are looking to return to driving following an accident or illness, they may find themselves wanting to participate in a short course before partaking in their disability driving assessment. This will help them see where they are at and to remember some of the important skills that they will need to have when on the road. The great news is that most centres will also offer this kind of service.

This way people don’t have to feel deflated by taking a test over and over again. They can instead fully prepare themselves so that they are truly ready to have their licence returned. Furthermore, there are some people out there who may have to change from manual to automatic and so it can be helpful for them to learn the basics all over again. When people do this, it makes it much more likely that they will pass their disability driving assessment.