Entrepreneurial individuals who love to innovate and begin new ventures will usually have the passion and ingenuity to undertake a startup with the right amount of gusto. Yet no one can begin a project in this manner all off their own accord.


From talent scouts to department heads, accountants and engineers – your startup could comprise of either a handful of trusted associates or an entire department of employees.


Whatever position your startup is in, it is worthwhile making note of the current and upcoming challenges that will surely be faced in the weeks and months ahead. Some will be classified as relatively mundane and straightforward, whilst others will require more diligence to tackle properly.

Elbowing In On The Competition


Business is a cutthroat exercise at the best of times and when a startup emerges on the scene, noses can be put out of place, figuratively speaking. Dealing with competition is part and parcel and becoming a fully fledged enterprise, yet that can carry with it a degree of conflict as other brands look to gain at edge at every opportunity. Embrace this challenge and be prepared for the conflict.

Managing Growth


Although most startups will fail within the first 12 months, those that can stay the course will have to manage the growth aspect of the business. From hiring more people to managing more portfolios, dealing with a higher volume of customers, organising additional social media accounts and beyond. Have a strategy in place that ensures you can map out a timeline of events as the expansion of the business is incorporated into the overall plan of the enterprise.

Finding Suitable Staff


Acquiring people who have the expertise, experience and chemistry within a group is hard. They also have to be candidates you can trust and there will have to be an acceptance that this process might require some trial and error. Take your time with this activity.

Fostering a “Business Culture”


The next phase is to ensure that a healthy business culture is established. Begin this process by outlining a policy that is 100% transparent where communication pathways are opened at every avenue. Allow new members to feel integrated, welcomed and valued.

Adapting To Change


Startups will be forced to change their initial projections, whether positively or negatively. Additional competitors could emerge and external market fluctuations will alter how you proceed moving forward. Implement a structure that allows for this changing dynamic to occur whilst not affecting your long-term goals.