When a couple makes the choice to create save the date cards to send them out to their loved ones including family members and friends, it is a significant moment to appreciate and value.

These are the people who have been with the pair throughout their journey or have recently come into their lives to make a tangible impression.

In 2018 there are few hard and fast rules that should be adhered to as traditional wedding practices have regularly been transitioning into new cultural norms.

The same has applied with the invitation, although there are consistent themes that have no waivered from generation to generation.

Common issues have arised in these instances as brides and grooms try to strike the right chord for presentation, cost and overall efficiency.

Let us delve into these problems in greater depth, allowing newly engaged couples to find alternative solutions to common stumbling blocks.


save the date invitation


Blowing Out The Budget

Speaking about money and finances is not a subject that can come naturally to a number of couples. From the photographer to caterer, décor designer, dressmaker and any other business that has a stake in the event, broaching money before a transaction is made can be outright uncomfortable. To be on top of your budget with wedding invitations, be on the hunt for bargains online and in store before opening a dialogue with the invitation provider.

Outline to them from the first consultation that you are only dedicating ‘x’ amount of your budget to this department with a general idea for style, theme and quantity. That way you have established a firm parameter that puts a lid on additional costs and escalating fees. Give this common issue some common sense and set that budget slightly below what you have, so if a surprise surcharge does pop up, you have some extra cash for that moment.


Getting The List Right

You might be a couple that has absolutely no issues at all distilling your list down for wedding invitations to a tea. For many others whose list is not entirely counted for from the early stages, there can still be problems emerging with last minute RSVPs, late departures, new plus one’s and other factors that play a role. Try and set out in motion some clear parameters to identify who you want to invite and who you find feel inclined to invite by proxy.


Sending Out Invitations In Time

Last minute wedding invitations force mistakes. When individuals are under pressure due to time constraints, errors emerge and this is where budgets are blown out, addresses become muddled and the project falls to pieces. Leave a number of months of lead up time between the engagement, the creation of the invitations and sending invitation cards out to give due notice.


Choosing a Style and Design That Suits

Save the date cards need to strike a balance between being practical information cards that outline the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the event, whilst also being a standout item in isolation. That could be difficult if you become bogged down in the aesthetic appeal of the invitation, but it is worthwhile to following the same principles as the budget – know what you want, detail what you have to make that happen, and create the best out of that scenario.


Obtaining and Listing Addresses

95% of wedding invitations can be generic enough where there is no need to be concerned about each individual recipient. Yet it is the ability to obtain the mailing address and list them individually on cards that can actually prove to be a challenge. This is evident when couples decide that they will utilize stickers or labels for the mailing address, a choice that can lead to the items falling off the envelope. One way to address this matter is to list the information on a stamp, ensuring that the details stick fast.