Do you have a startup business concept in mind? Are you looking to branch out from your 9-5 job and breakout from the mundane routine that has defined your career to date?


Should you fit that description, then you will be considering whether or not you have what it takes to be a fully fledged entrepreneur. This is not a decision to take lightly.


Even history’s most successful innovators from Steve Jobs to Richard Branson encounter numerous setbacks and challenges that threatened to prevent their inclusion into the business world.


Yet what these icons share is a series of characteristics that defined their success. Some of these attributes can be learned over the course of time whilst others have to be inherent within the person to begin with.



To be an entrepreneur, you must be an authority on the subject. All aspects of the business have to be understood as a point of practice because there will be stumbling blocks and opportunities that require a strong degree of expertise.

Embraces Change


In a digital world where concepts around customer service, online integration and globalisation has altered what we originally thought business would be, there has to be a flexibility and adaptability to change. The best in the business will have a capacity to think on their feet but also ensure that their model is not tied to a structure and process that is vulnerable to a fluctuating market. That takes skill and instinct.



A successful entrepreneur will have the motivation to stick to a disciplined routine at all costs. Even though there will be downtime to consider opportunities and reassess your standing, business leaders that get ahead have the ability to show up at the start of the day and be the last to leave.

Risk Taker


Taking a leap to even attempt to the journey to becoming an entrepreneur is a risk to begin with. That spirit has to be embraced throughout as business operators take educated leaps of faith. Nothing in this environment is a guarantee, so risk should be viewed as an asset if understood correctly rather than feared.

Forward-Thinking and Progressive


Where will the market be in 12 months time? What about 3 years, 5 or 10? Entrepreneurs must be forward-thinking characters who are planning their moves ahead of time. Strategy is incredibly valuable in business and it separates the good performers from the greats.