Psychology and physiology go hand in hand. That’s why you can find a wide range of benefits if you visit a good chiropractor in Castle Hill.

If you’re not familiar with this area of health care, it works on the muscular-skeletal, under the premise that nerves stemming outward from a particular part of the spine, are affected by issues with their respective region of spine. Tensions, misalignment, and other problems can lead to other parts of the body not working quite right.

The chiropractor in Castle Hill aims to help you release and reorganize such tensions in your body, by combining varied pressures, exercises, and specific movements that work together with your nervous system.

Research has shown the practice to have these physical and psychological benefits…


Physical health 

Release pain

Feeling aches or sharp pains in your back? It may be the result of sitting at your work desk for the good part of the day, everyday. Studies show a visit to the chiropractor in Castle Hill can provide great pain relief, more so than some medications.

As they address the source of the pain, and not merely the symptoms as is the case with many medications, this practice can provide relief and even reverse root causes for the following conditions:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches
  • Ear infections
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome

It may not be the complete remedy but the practice can help tackle the cause of the pain within your nervous system. It looks ensure spine health, as nerves radiate outwards from here and are critical to the rest of the body.


Improved posture

Working with this understanding of the spine, the chiropractor in Castle Hill can also correct your posture and provide long-term benefits for this. This doesn’t have to be a daunting this, and can be done with very gentle movements that can increase the motion of joins and reduce muscle tension.


Mental health


We are exposed to a lot of different stressors in everyday life, from money matters, to relationships, to work, and more. Being under such stress affects us both mentally and physically.

When something distresses us, it evokes a ‘fight or flight’ response. Stress is caused by our own reaction to a situation, with different systems in the body becoming activated and going under pressure. This leads to muscle tensions, fatigue, and other physical compromises, which can accumulate and become ‘chronic’.


If you’re finding yourself in ‘stress mode’, it can also lead to trouble sleeping, concentrating. The good news is, a visit to the chiropractor in Castle Hill can provide you stress relief in these 3 ways…


  1. Reducing muscle tensions – we already know the chiropractor in Castle Hill works on your nervous system in such a way it loosens the tensions you’re feeling. When under stress, muscles tense, but after treatment your body will be restored to its natural balance.


  1. Restoring functions – the spine is literally the backbone your bodily functions, including breathing. Visiting the chiropractor in Castle Hill for spinal adjustment, can restore any functions that may have been impaired due to tensions and being in pain. This can lead to feeling less sick, having more energy, and can lead to feeling less stressed.


  1. Relaxation techniques – being stressed makes it difficult to relax. Posture exercises and methods to get you into a calmative state, are incorporated into the practice.


Release emotions

During your chiropractor session in Castle Hill you may find you have a spontaneous outburst of laughter or crying. Pent up emotions can be released together with the release of tensions. This can thus complement therapy and other ways you are addressing underlying mental and emotional disturbances.